Nashville-based Fletcher Rowley is a unique, full-service advertising agency and PR firm, specializing in comprehensive, integrated campaigns, video production, media training and crisis management for corporate, nonprofit and political clients.

Bill Fletcher is a writer, photographer and director. He came of age as a journalist when Hunter S. Thompson and Woodward and Bernstein were at the height of their powers. Raised on farms in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, he built a darkroom in the basement of a farmhouse and hasn’t stopped creating since. By age 15, he was working as a news photographer. At 22, he was a reporter, editor and columnist for a daily newspaper and a television commentator. He was a hard-hitting political journalist, who pulled no punches in his profiles of political and corporate personalities.

Fletcher has consulted for Democratic candidates as a media consultant and trusted advisor since 1984. He also has a broad base of corporate experience, including work in the consumer goods, health care, insurance and music industries. He has worked extensively with real estate developers and is an expert in crisis management.

Fletcher’s work for his political and corporate clients includes producing high-quality film, video and audio projects, as well as managing public relations, team building, driving media coverage, contract negotiation, marketplace analysis, media buying, website design, crisis management and overall strategic guidance.

John Rowley began making a name for himself long before becoming partner at Fletcher Rowley in 1996. Soaring in roles in every facet of media and journalism in his younger years, from disc jockey to reporter to master control switch operator, Rowley elevated himself at age 26 to be one of the youngest principles and owners of a then national political media consulting firm. Since that time, Rowley and his firm consult local, national and international clients not only in the political media arena but also in corporate, government and high profile roles, helping them successfully navigate the public relations, advertising and crisis management landscapes.

Rowley and his firm have worked on campaigns all over the world, won 45 prestigious Pollie® Awards, and have had their work featured on NPR, PBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and The Daily Show. Moreover, their work has been covered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Kati Bumgardner joined Fletcher Rowley in 2006 as a research intern. Since then, Kati has taken over research duties, initiated an internship program, and currently serves as Director of Media, where she acts as a media planner and buyer. Since 2008, Kati has managed over $60 million in media buys all across the United States.

Kati is originally from Central Illinois. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, where she majored in Political Science. At Belmont, Kati was Vice-President of the Belmont Democrats and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society. She currently serves on the Belmont Youth Alumni Committee and the Belmont Department of Political Science Alumni Committee.

Kati lives in Nashville with her husband, their daughter, Emme, their retired racing greyhound, Shooter, and cats, Thomas Paine and Bea Arthur.

Jason Russell joined Fletcher Rowley in 2011 as the Director of Production.Jason has over 20 years of production experience in the film and video industry. Before joining Fletcher Rowley he spent years honing his producing and editing skills in Nashville, Baton Rouge and Indianapolis. Jason has experience in all aspects of production, but he really shines as an Emmy Award-winning editor.

Jill Jeffries is the Director of Operations and serves as direct executive support to the partners, as well as overseeing client relations and special projects.  Previously, Jill spent 18 years in the music industry, managing areas of artist development as it related to radio promotion, album marketing and tour support. Her music industry experience combined with the incredible similarities between politics and the entertainment industry make for a nice fit at Fletcher Rowley.

Our Work

  • Advertising Reel

    Advertising Reel

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

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  • Fletcher Rowley – “Political Reel”

    Fletcher Rowley – “Political Reel”


    Fletcher Rowley – “Political Reel” – 19:06Television

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  • Fletcher Rowley – “Storytelling”

    Fletcher Rowley – “Storytelling”

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

    Fletcher Rowley – “Storytelling” – 6:37 Television

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  • Old Hickory Country Club

    Old Hickory Country Club

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

    Old Hickory Country Club – “Old Hickory Country Club” – :30 Television

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  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield – “Anthem Insured”

    Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield – “Anthem Insured”

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

    Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield – “Anthem Insured” – :30 TV

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  • The Governor’s Club – “Clubhouse Open”

    The Governor’s Club – “Clubhouse Open”

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

    The Governor’s Club – “Clubhouse Open” – :30 Television

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  • Collier & McKeel Whiskey

    Collier & McKeel Whiskey

    Advertising, Marketing & Crisis Management

    Collier & McKeel Whiskey – :21 Web

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  • Joyce Beatty – “Beatty Jobs”

    Joyce Beatty – “Beatty Jobs”


    Joyce Beatty – “Beatty Jobs” – :30 Television

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  • Bo Mitchell – “Movin’ Man”

    Bo Mitchell – “Movin’ Man”


    Bo Mitchell – “Movin’ Man” – :30 Television

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  • Dave Aronberg – “Economic Deal”

    Dave Aronberg – “Economic Deal”


    Dave Aronberg – “Economic Deal” – :30 Television

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  • John Urquhart – “Straight Talk”

    John Urquhart – “Straight Talk”


    John Urquhart – “Straight Talk” – :30 Television

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  • Florida Hometown Democracy – “Kill Dozer”

    Florida Hometown Democracy – “Kill Dozer”


    Florida Hometown Democracy – “Kill Dozer” – :30 Television

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  • Mary Jo Kilroy – “Wrong V”

    Mary Jo Kilroy – “Wrong V”


    Mary Jo Kilroy – “Wrong V” – :30 Television

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  • Charlie Melancon – “Little Billy”

    Charlie Melancon – “Little Billy”


    Charlie Melancon – “Little Billy” – :30 Television

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  • Committee for Arkansas Future – “All Three”

    Committee for Arkansas Future – “All Three”


    Committee for Arkansas Future – “All Three” – :30 Television

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Our Clients

Our clients are the people who allow us to do what we love: tell stories. Here are a few.

Joyce Beatty, Congress, OH-03

Joyce Beatty won a stunning, come-from-behind primary election in a crowded field of candidates to become the presumptive Congresswoman from Columbus, Ohio’s new congressional district. Joyce was outspent by 3-to-1, but her no-nonsense message and personal appeal coupled with a finely-tuned buying strategy sent her over the top on election night.

Susan Montee, Auditor, Missouri

In Missouri, open seats usually lean Republican; however, Susan Montee won by a convincing 10 point margin in 2006. We produced two television spots featuring Montee’s 97-year-old grandmother, and showed her opponent to be “someone who wants to be auditor, but is bad with numbers.” Montee won 53%-43%.

Death with Dignity, Ballot Referendum, Washington State

An incredibly emotional and controversial issue, supporters had only enjoyed one victory in almost 20 years (Oregon), after repeated attempts in other states failed. One week before Election Day, our polling showed us in the mid-to-high 40s. We produced a new ad that the campaign manager called a “political sledgehammer.” On Election Day, I-1000 was approved by a 19-point margin.

Brad Avakian, Labor Commissioner, Oregon

In Oregon, we helped elect Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian in his first statewide campaign with 69 percent of the vote. The BlueOregon.com blog called our Avakian commercial one of the two “best TV spots of this election cycle.”

Joseph Abruzzo, State Senate, FL

We helped elect Joseph Abruzzo first to the State House and then the State Senate in Florida, when he was a first-time candidate. Abruzzo, a veteran, has won reelection 3 times.

Megan Barry, Metro City Council, Nashville, TN

Megan Barry was a political newcomer when she ran for Nashville Metro City Council’s At Large position, a county-wide race. With our help, she was elected to one of five positions and has quickly become a rising star in Nashville politics. In 2015, Barry was elected Mayor of Nashville.

Our Services


  • Team-building (staff & consultants)
  • Message development
  • Concept, writing & production (TV, radio & digital)
  • Targeted media buying, research & placement
  • Tracking of opposition media buys
  • Rapid response (TV, radio, digital & earned media)
  • Online & social media strategy
  • Earned media/public relations strategy
  • Editorial board preparation
  • Debate preparation
  • Campaign budgets, plans & timelines
  • Analysis of polls, focus groups & other research
  • Voter targeting
  • Strengths/weaknesses analysis (SWOTs)
  • Logo & branding design
  • Crisis management
  • Online videos for announcements, biographies & rapid response situations
  • Media training for candidates & staff


  • Marketing plans
  • Logo & branding
  • Message development
  • Media mix strategy
  • Creative (TV, digital, print, outdoor & radio)
  • Targeted media buying, research & placement
  • Consumer research analysis
  • Market research: polling, focus groups, & message testing
  • “Marketing Boot Camp:” 1-day strategy sessions
  • Crisis prevention plans
  • Crisis management


  • Copywriting
  • Directing
  • Location scouting
  • Graphics
  • Music & mixing
  • Sound effects
  • Post-production
  • Live remote production

Video Projects

  • Broadcast
  • Online
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Biographical
  • Legal marketing
  • Media training
  • Speech coaching


We have a small, in-house sound recording studio (5’ x 5’) that accommodates most basic audio production needs. With our creative partners, we utilize larger audio studios that can accommodate several actors or instruments. We also have access to full blown sound stages. We have produced hundreds of highly effective radio, TV and internet spots within our in-house environment. We can deliver audio products in all current formats.


In addition to editing and sound facilities, Fletcher Rowley offers a custom built, compact studio (10′ x 18′) for capturing live images of high quality for a variety of uses. We have designed the room to provide both classical and dramatic lighting, perfect for people or products. Available backdrops include industry standard green screen, black and a variety of canvas drops.

Parking is free and plentiful.


Use the form below to contact us or use the links in our partners’ and staffs’ biographies to connect with us.

Where to Find Us

We are located at 1720 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203. We are in
the First State Bank building on West End Avenue directly across the street from Hotel
Fletcher & Rowley, Inc.
1720 West End, Suite 630
Nashville, TN 37203

TEL (615) 329-9559
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